Youth Engagement in Agriculture

Posted: January 7, 2016 in Agriculture

Youth is considered to be a change-maker for nation building as the strength of future development depends solely upon it. The future of any country is always predicated on its present youth productive force, as they are supposed be an integral part of socio-economic development.Currently around the world we’re living in an era where rapid urbanisation has led to a decline in rural populations and for the first time ever the majority of the world’s population lives in a city. With most young people around 85 percent living in developing countries, where agriculture is likely to provide the main source of income it is vital that young people are connected with farming.for YPARD Nepal

In the context of Nepal, National Youth Policy has considered youth as the age group of people between 16-40 years of age. The population status has mentioned that youths constitutes 38 percent of the total population of Nepal. Present trend has shown us that more than 3 million youths are working as migrant workers in countries except India. The number of migrant Nepalese working in India is even larger. According to National Youth Policy, about 400,000 youths hit the employment market every year.

Decades ago, agriculture was supposed to be the prior one but now in this new world agriculture suffers from entrenched negative perceptions. Most of the youth think agriculture as a back-breaking labour, without an economic pay-off and believed to have little room for career advancement. This might not be true but the plans and policies regarding the implementation are some loopholes which has created a vague perception.

Really, in the context of Nepal, regarding the National Youth Plans and Policies, several youth oriented programs have been drawn. Beside this, youth engagement in agriculture from each perspective seems to be beneficial. With the increase in population and their demand, the crisis seems to be common worldwide. In such, youth can only be the way out.

Although agriculture is not glamorous but its beauty is like an endless ocean like we would have boundless opportunities. One of my foreign friend told me that, I am blessed that I was born in developing country like Nepal. He added, any idea concept can get a space here.Engaging youth in agriculture has been a prominent topic recently and has risen up the development agenda, as there is growing concern worldwide that young people have become unsatisfied with agriculture.

Farming offers the young generation a chance to make a difference by growing enough food to feed the world. Youth can be a basis for national economy. Those who become farmers now have the opportunity to be the generation that end world hunger and alleviate malnutrition, as well as helping the sector adapt to climate change. There are many challenges ahead for the sector but if young people are offered education in agriculture, a voice at policy level, and in the media, and are engaged with innovations then the agriculture industry can attract youth again.So, engaging youth in agriculture can be a third eye for national economy.

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