Civic Engagement: International Youth Day 2015

Posted: September 14, 2015 in Agriculture

With the declaration of ” International Youth Year: Participation, Peace  Development ‘ in 1985 by United Nation, with the objective to stimulate public  awareness of the needs and awareness of  young people, youth has received  proper attention and place in development scenario. In the context of Nepal, National Youth policy has considered youth as the age group of people between 16-40 years of age. National Youth Policy has mentioned that youths constitutes 38 percent of the total population of Nepal. More than 3 million youths are working as migrant workers in countries except India. The number of migrant Nepalese working in India is even larger. According to statistics, about 400,000 youths hit the employment market every year.
IYD_20152 copy

So to mark the problems related to youth and their involvement in agriculture, an interaction program was organized by YES Agriculture, Youth Innovation Wing, under the direction of Sailesh Sigdel at Institute of Agriculture & Animal Science (IAAS), Paklihawa Campus on the occasion of International Youth Day 2015. The interaction program gathered experts from Institute of Agriculture & Animal Science (IAAS), National Wheat Research Programme (NWRP), District Agriculture Development Office (DADO), District Livestock Service Office (DLSO), Plant Quarantine (PQ), Alumni, Lecturer and various personnel from NGOS and INGOS. The speakers shared their ideas and their views related to the situation of Youth in Nepal and their increasing involvement in Agriculture. They focused that youth development is an unconditional posture for nation building as the strength of future development of a nation depends solely upon it. The future of any country is always predicated on its present youth productive force. It is obvious that youth constitute the true wealth and the future of the country, addressing their hopes and aspirations must therefore be an integral part of socio-economic development. The forum discussed on some major problem faced by the youth such as:

  • Brain Drain
  • Less scope for self-employment
  • Poor Practical education
  • Imbalanced education and training
  • Inadequate opportunities for participation
  • Less knowledge about modern technology
  • Lack of sense of accountability and responsibility to family and society


The interaction program concluded that, there is a need to align youth economic empowerment to government policies, strategies and programmes. Financial support, training and facilities need to be provided in order to ensure young people’s active participation in decision-making, and development activities and programmes. Favourable environment need to be created and retained to increase investment in relevant training matching with job market and self-employment. Promotion of entrepreneurship among young women and men for the provision of better information on market opportunities, training in business skills, access to capital, mentoring by qualified persons, and other business support services. A strong bondage among different actors is required for it.

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