Commercial Pig Farming in Nepal

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Agriculture

Pig farming in Nepigpal is not new in Nepal it has been accepted socially and culturally by certain ethnic groups. Pig farming trend is changing gradually due to urbanization some commercial and modern pig farming practice recently started in Nepal. Pigs on the farm are raise in clean, healthy, natural environment with plenty of moving vegetable fields and sustainable pasture. Pork has a distinctive flavor good for nature, good for animal welfare, good for the economy and ultimately safer for your family to eat. The native pig breeds of Nepal are Chwanche, Hurrah, Bampudke, Pakhribas black and Dharane kalo banggur etc. Exotic breeds of pigs are imported in Nepal since 1957 A.D like Landrace, Hampshire, Duroc and Yorkshire etc.

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